27 by 27


My 27 by 27 List!


1.  Take two cooking classes (1/2 done – Great Berry Dessert Making Class)
2.  Use five new to me ingredients (1/5 – morel mushrooms)
3.  Go to a new restaurant in each of the 5 boroughs of NYC (2/5 – M. Wells – Queens, Fish Tag – Manhattan)
4.  Enter five food/recipe contests (4/5 done – Barilla Tortellini Contest, Morel Mushroom Contest, Saucy Mama Fab with Five Contest, Marx Foods Blogger Chile Recipe Contest)
5.  Cook at least one recipe from each cookbook I own (1/? – New Mayo Cookbook)
6.  Bake French macaroons
7.  Go completely meatless for a week

Health and Fitness

8.  Go to 25 yoga classes Revised:  Since I have not renewed my yoga membership, but joined NYSC instead, I am changing this to “Go to 25 Boot Camp Classes” (7/25 done)
9.  Run in a 5K
10.  Take a spin class (done!)
11.  Take a kickboxing class (done!)
12.  Drink at least 64 oz of water every day


13.  Reach 300 followers on the Food for Thought facebook page
14.  Reach 700 followers on my twitter account (done!)
15.  Feature a guest post on this site (Done! Manchester Tart)
16.  Write a guest post for someone else’s site (Done!  Nutella Pull Apart Bread on 365 Days of Baking)
17.  Meet 3 other food bloggers in person (Done! Between the Bertolli event and the NYC Wine and Food Festival, I more than completed this goal!)


18.  Visit 2 new U.S. Cities (1/2 done – Burlington, VT)
19.  Travel to another country (Done! Aruba was fab… so excited to go back!)


20.  Participate in an event for a cause (Done! – walked for my cousin Steven in Light the Night!)
21.  Volunteer for a day


22.  Plant an herb garden on my fire escape
23.  Learn how to really use my camera
24.  Do one touristy NY thing
25.  Surprise Jake with breakfast in bed
26.  Watch 3 movies from the AFI 100 years… 100 movies list
27.  Read 5 books that have nothing to do with school (Done! – Total Eclipse (good beach read), Something Borrowed, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, The Seduction of Water)

10 thoughts on “27 by 27

  1. I love this idea! I totally want to do this. I’m already 27 so I guess my list would have to be a bit longer :)

  2. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Are you in NYC?

  3. myblogject says:

    Dana, I am 24 but working to a 30 by 30 list…
    Highly jealous that if I read between the lines right you are near NY…
    I’ve been twice and a certain piece of my heart remains in Madison Square Park (I literally love the place!)
    Great list, x

  4. myblogject says:

    Dana also if you want a guest post from across the pond,i’ll put myself forward… You can see from my own blog I may not be a natural writer at all times but i’m open,honest and love blogging,and i’d happily volunteer myself if you wanted one.

  5. I just cheat. For Caulliflower Cheese Soup, I just blitz leftover cauliflower cheese, add some microwaved chopped shallots (scallions), a little more mustard, some small pieces of gorgonzola or stilton to garnish.

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