Nutella Pull Apart Bread


August 19, 2011 by Dana

Remember that delicious looking, ooey, gooey, doughy, nutella-y pull apart bread that I served at my Brinner Party?

You know, the one I promised to post about, but never did?

Well, it’s up!  Finally!  Just head over to 365 Days of Baking for my guest post featuring the deliciousness.

Thanks again, Lynne, for letting me guest post on your blog!

24 thoughts on “Nutella Pull Apart Bread

  1. tiffany says:

    This pull apart bread is genius!

  2. Peachie says:

    WOW!! This looks absolutely delightful!

  3. Tes says:

    I need to try this! It looks so delicious and yeah you serve it with ice- cream :)

  4. Kelly says:

    What a great idea to use nutella, this looks delicious! :)

  5. Lisa~~ says:

    That looks so good, I’m off to see the recipe.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  6. Saw it there already! Delicious!

  7. This looks fabulous Dana!

  8. Danielle says:

    Dana this looks to die for, as soon as it gets cool enough to turn on my oven, I’m going to have to try this!

  9. Sasha says:

    Oh man. This looks incredible. Nutella can do no wrong…

  10. Wow, that looks like heaven!

  11. I would eat breakfast all day long if I serve this nutellicious bread! Thanks for sharing Dana!!

  12. It really looks just A-MAZING. Pull apart breads are so fun!

  13. biz319 says:

    My daughter told me not to buy Nutella anymore because she loves it so much – I may have to buy some though for this bread!

  14. You know I love me some Nutella!

  15. this is just fab!! really dana, i am so craving for this right now:)

  16. this is amazing, going to check it out because I need to know how to make it!

  17. Yum. Heading over to look right now.

  18. Monet says:

    The name alone…Thank you for sharing another yummy treat with me. I’m glad to start my day by visiting your blog! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday full of laughter and good food!

  19. Pull-apart bread is always irresistible, and the nutella makes it even better!

  20. Joanne says:

    This is the point at which any diet plans I was having just went out the window. Amazing. Off to check it out!

  21. Danelle says:

    Oh my sharks in heaven that looks good!

  22. Reeni says:

    How heavenly! I want that for breakfast tomorrow!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Oooh wow! i can imagine laying in front of a movie with the heater on eating this! wow wow wow!

  24. sara says:

    WOW, this looks tasty! :) I’ve been wanting to make some sort of pull-apart bread for a while now, but a nutella version sounds even more tempting! :)

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