Vanilla Poached Nectarines and Plums


September 20, 2010 by Dana

I am not going to ask you to vote for my Project Food Blog entry.  Nope.  I’m not going to beg you or plead with you.  I’m not going to get down on my knees and ask you to vote for me please, pretty please, with a cherry on top.  I’m just not.  Because I know how the world works.

I may be young, but I get it.  I know that no matter how much you wish, hope, or dream, nothing in life is free.  Anything worthwhile takes a lot of hard work.  It takes dedication, it takes time, and it takes patience.

Or it takes a good bribe.

So today, I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.  I propose this bribe trade.  You vote for me, and in return, I’ll share this delicious, healthy, and super easy recipe for Vanilla Poached Nectarines and Plums.

And because I am so trusting that you’re going to come through for me… I’ll give you my part first.


4 nectarines
4 plums
½ tsp of ground cinnamon
½ tsp of Vanilla extract
1 tbsp of honey

I found this recipe on Cook Clean and knew that I had to make it ASAP… literally!  These types of fruit are not going to be in season much longer!


1.  Cut the nectarines into quarters and the plums into halves. Discard the stones.

2.  Fill a medium saucepan one third full of water, and add the cinnamon, vanilla extract and honey.  After the honey has dissolved, add the nectarines and plums to the water and bring to a boil.

3.  Once mixture is boiling, lower temperature to medium low and simmer.   Remove the plums after 3 minutes and set to the side.  Continue cooking nectarines for 7 to 10 minutes longer or until the fruit is tender.

4.  Remove from heat and allow the fruit and syrup to cool before serving.

This recipe turned out great! It doesn’t sound like much, but the flavor of the vanilla and honey infuse the fruit for a really delicious dessert that is totally guilt free.  Try it and see for yourself.  But first, vote for me! Please?  ;)

21 thoughts on “Vanilla Poached Nectarines and Plums

  1. pup says:

    Good luck!
    The nectarines and plumbs sound delicious!

  2. Sorry, I don’t like nectarines, I’m not voting.

    Ha! Just kidding, I already voted, you rock! Good luck!

  3. Isabelle says:

    Oooh.. I bet this would be an amazing topping for vanilla ice cream (or yogurt, because that’s way healthier).
    Bribery always works with me. :) Good luck with the challenge.

  4. RavieNomNoms says:

    I looove nectarines and this recipe, and I totally voted! ;-)

  5. Susan says:

    Voted :)

  6. Monet says:

    Voting for you! And I just adore stone fruit with just about anything…especially something as lovely as vanilla and honey. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  7. Faith says:

    Oooh, this looks delicious! And I actually just bought both plums and nectarines at the market on Sunday! Score. :)

  8. Awesome entry! Said like a true sport! Great post! Psst, I voted :)

  9. Voted as well as promised, so excited!

  10. Victoria says:

    Sounds delish!! Good luck :)

  11. This looks like a perfect fruit dessert! Delicious:)

  12. Joanne says:

    Haha. You are too cute! Let me answer your bribe with another bribe. I’ll vote for you if you vote for me. sounds good :P Actually, I already voted for you! Love these peaches and they are just another fabulous example of WHY I voted for you!

  13. Kristen says:

    I certainly voted for you…without the bribe, though the nectarines and plums look delicious.

  14. jana says:

    oh that cooks up so lovely!

  15. Reeni says:

    How positively divine! I bet they smell amazing! I voted for you and wish you the best.

  16. Veronica says:

    No need to bribe me–I already voted for you!

  17. Danelle says:

    I say that recipe is worth my vote!

  18. Damaris says:

    yum to the moon and back. I hope you made it to the next stage!

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